November 30, 2015

Kalecki: cross-references

  • Profit   here
  • Mindfuck or the Eternal Return of dead economic theories   here
  • The Levy/Kalecki Profit Equation is false   here
  • Kalecki and Keynes: The double macroeconomic false start   here
  • Keynes, Kalecki, MMT, and the accidental invention of the perpetual profit machine   here
  • Economists simply don’t get it   here
  • Truth by definition? The Profit Theory is axiomatically false for 200+ years   here
  • MMT: How mathematical incompetence helps the Kelton-Fraud   here
  • The first to leave the sinking MMT ship?   here
  • Hooray! The formalization issue is finally settled   here
  • Profit: after 200+ years, economists are still in the woods   here
  • The magic circuit and how economists got it wrong   here
  • MMT: How mathematical incompetence helps the Kelton-Fraud   here
  • Economists — sloppy, stupid, or scientifically incompetent?  here
  • Refocusing the debt/profit issue  here
  • Kalecki: the man who missed it by a hair's breadth  here
  • Kalecki got it wrong, Allais got it right  here
  • Kalecki's wrong definition of profit and income  here
  • The pluralism of nonsense is still nonsense  here
  • Yes, orthodox economics is poor science, but can Heterodoxy raise hope?  here
  • Confused Confusers  here
  • A failure of reason  here
  • Who takes Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy seriously?  here
  • What the 20 top heterodox economists say  here
  • From anything goes to nothing goes right ― economists' silly excuses  here
Working papers
  • What is Wrong With Heterodox Economics? Kalecki's Profit Theory as an Example   SSRN
  • Profit for Marxists   SSRN
  • The Profit Theory is False Since Adam Smith   SSRN
For more about Kalecki see AXECquery.

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