November 30, 2015

Marshall's "Burn the mathematics": cross-references

  • Marshall: a monument of scientific incompetence  here
  • Marshall and some skewed arguments  here
  • From Marshall to Georgescu-Roegen  here
  • What engine?  here
  • Over the cliff  here
  • Who is afraid of axioms?  here
  • Still in the woods  here
  • Proper use of math in economics  Blog-Reference
  • See also: "The failure of economics is due to the use of axiomatic method"  Blog-Reference
  • The synthesis of institution and math  here
  • The insignificance of Gödel's theorem for economics  here
  • Beauty or horseshit?   here
  • From obscurity to enlightenment  here
  • Total scientific Dadaism   here
  • Economists do not solve problems, they are the problem  here
  • The axiomatic method is impeccable  here
  • Failure: method or incompetence?  here
For the complete set of foundational equations — structural axioms and behavioral propensity function — see Wikimedia AXEC137b New Foundations of Economics.