December 2, 2019

New Economic Thinking ― the definitive results

Links on Lars Syll on ‘Rethinking economics in Copenhagen’


From the standpoint of science, economics is a heap of proto-scientific garbage. Both Orthodoxy and traditional Heterodoxy are outside of science, both are political agenda-pushing in the cloak of science. Because of this, economics needs a Paradigm Shift. This is long known: “There is another alternative: to formulate a completely new research program and conceptual approach. As we have seen, this is often spoken of, but there is still no indication of what it might mean.” (Ingrao et al. 1990)

Rethinking Economics or New Economic Thinking means performing what is called a Paradigm Shift in methodology. New Economic Thinking does NOT mean to push a new political agenda or to put lipstick on the dead pig. Economists have NO idea what a Paradigm Shift is all about.

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