December 14, 2019

Mission accomplished: Economists as useful idiots of the Oligarchy

Links on Bill Mitchell on ‘My brief comment on the British election’

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Bill Mitchell summarizes the UK election outcome: “The information we have at present is that that position on Brexit is probably going to cost them [Labour] office. Which means the Tories survive when they should not but finish the Brexit process which they should. Then Labour will have to reinvent itself to take advantage of the renewed sovereignty that Brexit will bring. To do that it has to expunge its ranks of the neoliberals.”

Until proven otherwise, one should take it for granted that an economist is on the payroll of the Oligarchy. This applies obviously to think-tank economists but in many/most cases also to self-styled Progressives who claim to fight for WeThePeople.

Economics is NOT science. Economics is failed/fake science. Most economists are NOT scientists but useful political idiots. The pertinent example is MMT but all goes back to the founding fathers who described their job as Political Economy.

The MMT policy of deficit-spending/money-creation clearly benefits the one-percenters but is sold as a benefit for the ninety-nine-percenters. The scientific proof is in the macroeconomic Profit Law which says Public Deficit = Private Profit.

Accordingly, MMT’s mission in the UK was to undermine the Labour Party by attacking its economic program and by smearing its leadership as closet neoliberals.

If any proof were needed that academic economics is fake science and covered political agenda pushing, MMT has delivered it in the run-up to the historical election of Dec 12. For details see

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Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

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