November 30, 2015

Pluralism: cross-references

  • Again and again: economists are incompetent scientists   here
  • Freedom for fake scientists?   here
  • Heterodoxy and Pluralism, too, is proto-scientific junk   here
  • This is New Economic Thinking? Give me a break!   here
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  • Economics is not a science, not a religion, but proto-scientific rubbish   here
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  • True macrofoundations: the reset of economics   here
  • How Heterodoxy became the venue for science’s scum   here
  • The Law of Economists’ Increasing Stupidity   here
  • From the pluralism of false models to the true economic theory   here
  • Review of the economics troops   here
  • Economic policy guidance NEVER had sound scientific foundations   here
  • The non-existence of economics   here
  • Why not simply throw all economists under the bus?   here
  • Failed economics: The losers’ long list of lame excuses   here
  • Economics: The pluralism of false theories is over   here
  • A rough business plan for science   here
  • The futile synthesis of neoclassical rubbish and Keynesian garbage   here
  • Economics ― a Pygmy wrestling show   here
  • It is better to be precisely right than roughly wrong   here
  • Go, Heterodoxy, move on!   here
  • ICYMI Prediction/Forecasting   here
  • Heterodoxy’s scientific self-deception   here
  • All models are false because all economists are stupid   here
  • From subjective weighing of motives to objective systemic properties   here
  • Nothing to choose between Orthodoxy and traditional Heterodoxy   here
  • Eclecticism, anything goes, and the pluralism of false theories   here
  • Economics: The Battle of Frogs and Mice is over   here
  • Enough! Economists, retire now!   here
  • The economist as second-guesser, mind reader, and folk psychologist   here
  • Ending the economic Froschmäusekrieg a.k.a. Batrachomyomachia   here
  • The scientific self-elimination of Heterodoxy   here
  • History delivers the questions but not the answers   here
  • From proto-science to science   here
  • Yes, orthodox economics is poor science, but can Heterodoxy raise hope?   here
  • The pluralism of nonsense is still nonsense  here
  • Pluralism and the thickness of confusion  here
  • Pluralism and truth  here
  • Pluralism and the long shadow of Bentham  here
  • EconoPhysics and pluralism  here
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  • Cross-references Political Economics   here
  • Cross-references New Economic Thinking   here