October 24, 2018

Links on Lars P. Syll’s ‘Wren-Lewis insults medical science’


Fact is that economics is one of the worst failures in the history of modern science.

Stop beating mainstream economics ― it is long dead
Economics: 200+ years of scientific incompetence and fraud
Heterodoxy and Pluralism, too, are proto-scientific garbage
Where economics went wrong
Reverse Alchemy: from scientific gold to political shit
Lars Syll, fake scientist
Cross-references NOT a Science of Behavior

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

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REPLY to Matt Franko on Oct 25

Matt Franko cites Lars Syll: “'Laws' in economics only hold ceteris paribus. That fundamentally means that these laws/regularities only hold when the right conditions are at hand for giving rise to them.” and concludes “This is simply the definition of the Liberal Art methodology....”

Not exactly, it is more PsySoc methodology. To recall, Orthodoxy/Walrasianism is based on behavioral axioms.#1 This leads necessarily to behavioral “laws” like the supply-curve, the demand-curve and the microeconomic “law” of supply and demand. This, of course, is proto-scientific garbage. There is NO such thing as “laws” of behavior.#2, #3

However, there are systemic laws, e.g. the Profit Law and the Employment Law.#4

So, both Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy’s Lars Syll fail to adapt the scientific concept of law to economics.

As a matter of fact, Lars Syll ruined heterodox methodology and with it the once leading Swedish School of Economics. His pupil Asad Zaman does the same now in Pakistan.#5

#1 The problem with macro in two words
#2 PsySoc — the scourge of economics
#3 For details see cross-references NOT a Science of Behavior
#4 Go! ― test the Profit and Employment Law
#5 Heterodox economics: When stupidity becomes a public danger