May 13, 2019

Links on Asad Zaman’s ‘Defining Islamic Economics’


There is NO such thing as Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, etcetera economics. Economics defines itself as a science and is therefore fundamentally different from religious beliefs/political ideologies. Science deals with knowledge. Non-scientists know NOTHING. Political/religious economists are NOT scientists but stupid/corrupt storytellers.

“There are always many different opinions and conventions concerning any one problem or subject-matter (such as the gods). This shows that they are not all true. For if they conflict, then at best only one of them can be true. Thus it appears that Parmenides ... was the first to distinguish clearly between truth or reality on the one hand, and convention or conventional opinion (hearsay, plausible myth) on the other ...” (Popper)

To this day, though, economics is NOT a science but political/religious agenda pushing in a scientific/social bluff package. Economics claims to be a science but has not yet managed to live up to the ideal. Strictly speaking, economics is a fraud.

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Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

An Islamic WorldView

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