November 30, 2015

Accounting: cross-references

  • Macro for dummies (ii)   here
  • A crash course in macro accounting   here
  • Profit theory in less than 5 minutes   here
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  • First Lecture in New Economic Thinking   here
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  • Wikipedia and the promotion of economists’ idiotism   here
  • The final implosion of MMT   here
  • A new episode of one of the worst blunders of economics   here
  • Macrofoundations, too, are defective   here
  • Note on saving and investment   here
  • From subjective weighing of motives to objective systemic properties   here
  • The tiny little problem with economics   here
  • Economists’ perennial trouble with accounting   here
  • Accounting for dummies   here
  • It is shrinking debt which eventually explodes the market economy   here
  • The substandard standards of distribution theory   here
  • A new fall back into old thinking   here
  • Humpty Dumpty is back again   here
  • Accounting basics   here
  • End of confusion   here
  • Keynes and the logical brilliance of Bedlam   here
  • Corbynomics   here
  • ICYMI Accounting for ****   here
  • Either stupid or duplicitous   here
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  • Unaccountable   here
  • The trouble with counting to 3   here
  • When numbers don't add up   here
  • Keenonomics, aggregate demand/change of debt, and some misleading critique   here
  • Tricky business   here
  • Hold the handle, not the blade   here

Working paper
  • The Common Error of Common Sense: An Essential Rectification of the Accounting Approach   here