January 28, 2018

Cryptoeconomics ― the best of Nick Rowe’s spam folder

Comment on Nick Rowe on ‘“Profits = Investment − Saving”’

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Nick Rowe concluded his post with this cryptic remark “[An economist will probably make a comment on this post, and that comment will go automatically into the spam folder. Because Typepad, and history, across this and other macro blogs. But if it’s a reasonable comment I will fish it out, after a short delay.]”

Nick Rowe, though, gladly publishes comments like this: “I agree with the point of this post, Nick, and I think that it helps reconcile two methodological truths: good account matters in economics AND no economic knowledge is ultimately purely an accounting truth. It might be helpful to try to put your point in terms of the distinction in logic and the foundations of mathematics between (a) a calculus and (b) the interpretation of that calculus. By the way, I recently graduated with my Ph.D. Thanks for all of your blogposts that opened up much of macro to me!”

In the topsy-turvy econblogosphere the best stuff is in the spam folders, and what is tirelessly recycled is soft soap, blather, gossip, propaganda, disinformation, and proto-scientific crap.

It is at anybody’s guess to what extent the econblogosphere is corrupted. The problem, of course, is that spam folders are invisible to the general public. Private censorship is built into the blogging software and works without any traces.

Occasionally, there are exceptions. For those who appreciate the privilege of casting a glance into Nick Rowe’s spam folder, here is a sample of comments he suppressed over the last two years.
Since the agenda pushers Adam Smith/Karl Marx, fake news is a standard communication procedure in political economics. Thus, any idea of what scientific ethics means got entirely lost. Economics has to be rebuilt up from scratch, or, as Joan Robinson had it: Scrap the lot and start again.#1

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

#1 How to restart economics

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