April 26, 2017

Hayek and other informationally retarded proto-economists

Comment on Jason Smith on ‘Should the left engage with neoclassical economics?’

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Hayes characterizes the corpus of Hayek, Friedman, and neoclassical economics as “incredibly powerful, really important, really influential, tremendous amount of incredible insight, helpful for understanding how capitalism works, etc.”

The fact is that Hayek et al. is plain proto-scientific garbage. No amount of information theory make-up can change the fact that neoclassical economics had already been dead in the cradle 150+ years ago. Some retarded folks, though, have not realized this, among them Jason Smith. He maintains: “One thing that I think needs to be more widely understood is that Hayek did have some insight into prices having something to do with information, but got the details wrong.”

One thing that has to be clearly understood is that there is NO such thing as economics. There are TWO economixes and they are constantly confounded. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to distinguish between political and theoretical economics. The main differences are: (i) The goal of political economics is to successfully push an agenda, the goal of theoretical economics is to successfully explain how the actual economy works. (ii) In political economics anything goes; in theoretical economics, the scientific standards of material and formal consistency are observed.

Theoretical economics (= science) has to be judged according to the criteria true/false and NOTHING else. Hayek et al. are provably false. Neoclassical economics has no truth-value, merely political use-value.

Hayek et al. are false because they are based on behavioral microfoundations ― like the rest of mainstream economics. Walrasian microfoundations, for example, are precisely defined with this verbalized axiom set: “HC1 economic agents have preferences over outcomes; HC2 agents individually optimize subject to constraints; HC3 agent choice is manifest in interrelated markets; HC4 agents have full relevant knowledge; HC5 observable outcomes are coordinated, and must be discussed with reference to equilibrium states.” (Weintraub)

From these axioms together with some auxiliary assumptions follows what Leijonhufvud called the Totem of Micro/Macro, that is, SS-curve―DD-curve―equilibrium, which is the representative economist’s all-purpose tool.

This approach is false on all methodological counts, that is, supply-demand-equilibrium is a NONENTITY or plain proto-scientific garbage. Microfounded economics of all variants is what Feynman called cargo cult science.

Hayek et al. argued that the existing economic system is self-adjusting. He could never prove it in a way that satisfies the criteria of material and formal consistency. Worse, it can be rigorously proved that the market system is NOT self-adjusting.#1

Clearly, economics has to abandon microfoundations altogether and move forward to macrofoundations.

Macrofoundations do away with the brain-dead blather of supply-demand-equilibrium. From macrofoundations follows the correct objective/systemic/behavior-free/testable macroeconomic Law of Supply and Demand which is shown on Wikimedia AXEC64.#2

  • Hayek et al. NEVER understood how the price and profit mechanism works.
  • The economic policy guidance of Hayek et al. NEVER had sound scientific foundations.
  • NOT ONE of the political economists and agenda pushers from Smith to Hayek et al. will ever be accepted as a scientist.
  • Hayek et al.’s approach cannot be improved only abandoned because it is axiomatically false.
Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

#1 Could we, please, all focus on the key question of economics?
#2 Essentials of Constructive Heterodoxy: The Market

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REPLY to Bob on Apr 27

You say: “Nothing stopping him [Jason Smith] from addressing AXEC and Bob Roddis over here.”

No way. Jason Smith has removed/deleted not one but several comments that have been posted on his blog Information Transfer Economics. He has even retrofitted his own posts.#1

Jason Smith violates basic scientific standards on a daily basis and therefore cannot be invited or admitted to any economics debate whatsoever.

#1 For my original contributions see:

For Jason Smith’s original contributions you have to urge him to put them back on his blog. I cannot recommend this because the sooner his unqualified blather about economics and physics is forgotten the better.

REPLY to Bob on Apr 28

(i) There is political economics (= agenda-pushing) and theoretical economics (= science).
(ii) Political economics is scientifically worthless since Adam Smith.
(iii) Hayek was a political economist (= fake scientist).
(iv) Hayek’s contribution to theoretical economics is proto-scientific garbage.
(v) Jason Smith is putting lipstick (= Information Theory) on the dead pig.
(vi) By promoting Hayek, Jason Smith is promoting political economics (= fake science).

It is a curious fact that substandard physicists, mathematicians, and engineers turned in great numbers to economics. Mirowski has dealt with this phenomenon at great length in More Heat Than Light. It explains why economics is still at the proto-scientific stage.

REPLY to Tom Hickey, Bob Roddis on Apr 28

The argument about identities/human action is one of the oldest clichés from the long list of lame excuses.#1

Obviously, you lack any understanding of the vital difference between political economics (= agenda-pushing) and theoretical economics (= science).

Economics is NOT about human behavior but about the behavior of the economic system.#2

Economists (including Hayekians) do until this very day NOT understand how the price and profit mechanism works. This is why they have NOTHING worthwhile to say.#3

#1 Failed economics: The losers’ long list of lame excuses
#2 The stupidity of Heterodoxy is the life insurance of Orthodoxy
#3 Economic policy advice has never had sound scientific foundations


COMMENT on Tom Hickey's ‘Jason Smith — Should the left engage with neoclassical economics?’ on Apr 30

You kicked off this thread with “Getting the left up to speed by understanding information. There’s a lot of good stuff in this post.”

It is a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum of how you can recommend Jason Smith’s post. Take note of:

  • Economics is a science and deals exclusively with true/false and NOT with left/right.
  • Political economics is proto-scientific garbage and Hayek is one of the better-known examples of fake science. Jason Smith’s attempt to improve Hayek is a no-go.
  • Jason Smith has NO idea of how the market economy works.
  • Jason Smith has NOT realized that microfounded neoclassical economics is dead since 14
  • 0+ years and macrofounded Keynesianism is dead for 80+ years.#1
  • Jason Smith practices censorship on his blog and therefore throws himself out of the econ blogosphere.
  • There is NOT one iota of ‘good stuff’ in his post or on his blog.

#1 IS-LM ― a crash course for EconoPhysicists