May 1, 2018

Note on Richard Wolff ‘How Marxism and Modern Monetary Theory Go Hand-In-Hand’


Interesting to learn that Marx, too, was an agenda pusher for the one-percenters. See
Egmont Kakarot-Handtke


REPLY to Tom Hickey on May 2

The philosopher/agenda pusher/fake scientist Marx had no idea what profit is#1 and how the value of money is determined.#2

The same holds for MMTers in general and Tom Hickey in particular.

The common denominator of Marx, MMT, Tom Hickey is that they claim to promote the cause of the ninety-nine-percenters but ― intentionally or unintentionally does not matter ― effectively advance the cause of the one-percenters.#4

#1 Profit for Marxists
#2 The creation and value of money and near-monies
#3 MMT: NO sound scientific foundation
#4 Deficit-spending/money-creation is ALWAYS a bad deal for WeThePeople