June 1, 2015

Why talk about it if it doesn't matter?

Comment on Sandwichman on ‘Keynes "hadn't got round to it"’


You say: “... this post ... was ... about how unreliable are the "legacies" that aren't even about Keynes's own foibles.”

I reminded you that it is a matter of indifference how reliable or unreliable the stories about growth theory have been because it is entirely beside the point to honor Keynes's or Harrod's awkward, dilettantish, proto-scientific constructs with the title theory.

What makes one wonder is that one generation of economics students after another swallows this stuff without the slightest brain hiccup.

You say: “I guess in some respect, we would all be better off if there had never been a Keynes or a Marx or for that matter a Freud or a Darwin.”

Perhaps. But did it ever occur to you that economics as a whole would certainly be better off without you and others forever recycling manifest model garbage?

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke