October 2, 2023

Occasional Xs: What economists really do (XXXIII)


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Summary: Economists' argumentation of why the Schuldenbremse / DebtBrake / DebtLimit / DebtCeiling should be abolished in order to
  • prevent the ruin of the German economy
  • avoid the impoverishment of WeThePeople
  • help other EU members with their economic problems
  • stop the rise of the AfD
  • help achieve the government's Zeitenwende goal
  • fix the dilapidated infrastructure
  • bring Die Bahn up to speed
  • prevent the further decay of the educational system
  • promote innovation
  • fight climate change
  • socially cushion inflation
  • socially cushion the energy price increase
  • strengthen the labor market
  • reduce the dependency on RUS/CHI
  • support the Ukrainian war effort
  • etc
Note that all these things could be done with a balanced budget. Deficit-spending/Money-creation only increases macroeconomic profit and the public debt and the interest that is taxed in all eternity from WeThePeople.