July 27, 2017

Refutation of Asad Zaman’s heterodox methodology: all arguments you ever need


Heterodoxy is supposed to eventually replace Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is provably false and therefore a replacement is needed ― this is what Heterodoxy is all about. Heterodoxy is supposed to become the next Orthodoxy.#1 Fact is, though, that Heterodoxy failed until this day to perform the indispensable paradigm shift. The reason is that the scientific incompetence of ― traditional ― Heterodoxy is just as abysmal as that of Orthodoxy. The proof is in Asad Zaman’s numerous posts on methodology.

For the comprehensive refutation see cross-references (chronological):
Forget Keynes
Does Asad Zaman fly with POL or SCI Airlines?
Mass unemployment: The joint failure of orthodox and heterodox economics
Ideology? Incompetence? Fake? Or all this together?
Complexity and stupidity
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Heterodoxy and the re-invention of science
Who or what exactly did Keynes save?
Keynes’ message for contemporaries
Economics pedagogy: an un- and anti-scientific exercise
Heterodoxy ― a new paradigm or just another political sect?
The end of traditional Heterodoxy in the Malmö coal pit
Economics: Deadlocked between politics and science
The economist as second-guesser, mind reader, and folk psychologist
Refocusing economics
Politics, storytelling, and science
Unemployment ― the fatal consequence of economists’ scientific incompetence
Politics or Science? Decide and act accordingly
Keynes, the methodologist
The scientific self-elimination of Heterodoxy
End of confusion
The consistent ancients and the confused moderns
Methodological wrong-way drivers
Still in the proto-scientific wood
How to get out of the Econ 101 PsySoc woods
Heterodox schizo
Heterodoxy: From bad to better or from bad to worse?
There is no truth in political economics
Sick or false?
Economists’ perennial trouble with accounting
What comes next?
Heterodoxy and the nullity of dead horse beating
How Heterodoxy keeps the Naked-Emperor-Zombie alive
Every thinking economist is heterodox by default, but how do we proceed from here?
Full methodological illiteracy
Passionate belief is no substitute for knowledge
Demarcation works, but it takes longer in economics
Exponentially growing junk
Knowledge vs. Belief
Keynesianism as ultimate profit machine
No license for drivel
Einstein, Mill and the Starting Problem
Rubberneck’s reality
The insignificance of Gödel’s theorem for economics
Failure: method or incompetence?
Over the cliff
Anything goes — for a while (I)
Keynes, Euclid, and economic methodology

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

#1 For Constructive Heterodoxy see cross-references Paradigm Shift