August 30, 2015

Always clueless, never speechless

Comment on ‘U.S. Inflation Developments’


For a dispassionate observer Stanley Fischer’s speech and the tidal wave of blog comments makes it pretty clear that there is an intellectual Black Hole where something like a true economic theory should be.

There is absolutely no use in entering into the morass of conflicting nonsense. Here are two fixpoints to secure some orientation.
• Inflation theory has never risen much above the commonplace Quantity Theory. The QT is plausible but ultimately untenable. The correct formula for the overall price level is given here, for details see (2015, eq. (12)).
• Alternative macroeconomic approaches like Krugman’s IS-LM are fundamentally flawed since Keynes and Hicks (2014) without the representative economist ever spotting the provable formal defect.

So there is nothing to choose. Current economics consists of political economics, which is scientifically worthless, and theoretical economics, which is logically and materially inconsistent. Luckily, Jackson Hole shows: economists are clueless, but never speechless.

Egmont Kakarot-Handtke

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